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Hot Runner Temperature TMC

1. TMC is a controller that integrates temperature control, timing control, and cloud server Internet of Things;
2. Compact body design, small footprint;
3. It adopts a color touch screen with an integrated interface, and has a precise and stable control system;
4. The operation is simple and easy to understand, users can learn and operate in a short time.

1. High-precision, high-speed PID control system, suitable for various injection molding environments;
2. Multi-function user selection;
3. Accurately record power consumption and equipment operation,
4. In order to fully grasp the use of equipment, and can accurately calculate the cost.
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  • Hot Runner Temperature TMC
  • Function

    Cloud server IoT function & remote monitoring and control function

    Timing control & SPM (screw position measurement)

    Temperature control function

Hot Runner Temperature TMC Suppliers, Company

Taizhou Wanda Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd.


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As a China OEM Hot Runner Temperature TMC Suppliers and custom Hot Runner Temperature TMC company, Taizhou Wanda Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Taizhou Huangyan, where is being called the home town of mould. We have specializing designing and manufacturing custom Hot Runner Temperature TMC by advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technology and CNC equipment. We heve highly qualified management personnel, senior technical engineers and an efficient design team after professional training Our company supply Hot Runner Temperature TMC with high quality steel, strict heat treatment process, reliable structure and fine production to ensure the quality, improve the automation and efficiency of Hot Runner Temperature TMC production, and the service life is more than 1 million mould times. Wanda Hot Runner Temperature TMC with excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, we have won the trust and praise of our customers. Innovation and Advancement have always been our guiding star in this changing world.


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