5 steps how to make plastic tray mold?

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5 steps how to make plastic tray mold?

1-Plastic pallet product design

The design process for plastic pallets should consider not only how they are manufactured, but also what you plan to do with them once they arrive. You'll need to consider whether their weight-bearing capacity will be affected by any other factors, such as molding procedures, etc - so make sure you consider all potential issues before moving forward!

2- Plastic pallet mold gate design

1) Gate design

2) Plastic tray mold inserts and insert waterway design

3) Ejection design of pallet mold

3- Selection of pallet mold steel

When selecting pallet mold steel, the hardness, toughness, and processing cost of the steel need to be considered.

Before starting any manufacturing process, we need to make sure that the steel we are ordering is correct.

4- Processing Equipment Requirements

The quality control process for pallet molds begins with the cutting and grinding machines that create the finished product. Next comes a CMM inspection to ensure it meets all requirements before it leaves our factory floor.

5- Experience in making pallet molds

In addition to high requirements on mold design, steel selection, and processing equipment, pallet molds are also critical in terms of production experience.

Because the tray mold is relatively large, if it is produced as a whole, the production cycle will be very long, and the requirements for processing equipment are also high. Therefore, in order to shorten the production cycle, we will adopt block-type splicing production, which is divided into multiple small pieces, so that you can use it at the same time. Multiple small equipment for processing can shorten the production cycle by half, and even if there is an error in the process, it can be quickly adjusted to save costs.